Clients - Tour Guide 360

Our client base is diverse in nature. It is our great success that we serve plenty of client types. Following are some of the main clients of our business!

Tour Operators

Tour operators are the main clients of our business. A large number of tour operators regularly contact us to get the best tour guides. Due to our experience in working with tour operators, we know what they need when they ask for tour guides. Our tour guides list include such kind of tour guides that best match the needs of tour operators.

Meeting Planners

Meeting planners often need tour guides. Getting an experienced, high-quality, and qualified tour guide is very much important for meeting planners. We have been working with tour guides for a long time. That is why we know their needs better than others. Our tour guides have always satisfied the needs of meeting planners.

Trade Show Organizations

Trade show organizations work in a tough competition. They need to compete with a variety of competitors. They also need specialized tour guides to make a difference. It is important to sort out the best tour guide for trade show organizations. A suitable tour guide can make a huge different for trade show organizations.

School Field Trips

Tour operators are the main clients of our business. School field trips are so much important for the school students. Schools often organize field trips for the students to make them practically learn everything they see during the field trip. Procuring tour guides for school trips is our core competency. Our tour guides are well versed in handling school students in a proper manner.

University Trips

Universities regularly organize filed trips for their students. The universities’ need for tour guides is different than that of schools. Universities need highly qualified and experienced tour guides that can accompany their students to different industries and other places. Often, universities contact us for hiring the services of tour guides. We always provide them with the best and talented tour guides as per their needs.

Event Planners

When it comes to plan events, organizations need good tour guides. They have set criteria for hiring tour guides. We have a wide range of tour guides that can cater to the needs of the event planners. We work with event planners all the time. We have always provided them with the best talent in the tour guide industry.

Group Adventure Tours

A group of people who want to go to adventure tour also need tour guides. This kind of tours is different than that of ordinary tours. Such kind of tours requires specially trained tour guides. Sourcing the required tour guides for adventure tours is our attribute. We have always been able to satisfy our group adventure tour customers.

Government Agencies

In addition to independent persons and private entities, government agencies also arrange trips for their staff. The tour guide needs of government organizations change from time to time. But we have always provided them with the best tour guides in our pool of tour guides. Due to this reason, we have so many returning government department clients.

Tour Companies

Providing qualified and experienced tour guides to tour companies is at the heart of our business. Tour companies ask us for tour guides with a particular place. They also ask for the tour guides with good interpersonal and communication skills. Knowing these and other needs of tour companies is important. We know these and other requirements of tour companies. Based on the needs of tour companies, we successfully provide them the best matching tour guides.


We have listed above some main clients types. Other kinds of people and organizations are always welcome. Please feel free to contract us anytime! We are committed to providing the best tour guides to anyone, anywhere!